Lifeguard & Aquatic Facility Maintenance

Lifeguard & Aquatic Facility Management

LIV North provide quality staffing solutions for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor aquatic facilities.

Through our Amenity Division we provide unmatched experience and resources to ensure your patrons are treated to an excellent experience every time they go for a swim.

LIV North Aquatic Facility Management includes:
  • NLS & Standard SFA Certified Lifeguards
  • Lifeguard recertification
  • Highest standard of training provided with CPR, First Aid.
  • Surplus of trained Lifeguards to ensure immediate replacements, if required.
  • Extensive Off-Site & On-Site Staff Training
  • On-Site Staff Evaluations
  • Multi-Tier Supervision & Customer Satisfaction Management
  • Our Staffing Programs include:
  • Pre-Season Scheduling of Your Pool Opening
  • Pre-Season Inspection with Budgetary Repairs Report
  • Pool Opening Application Form Submission to Health Department & On-Site Meeting with Local Inspector
  • Chemical Analysis, Mechanical Equipment & Safety Inspections
  • Fixed cost for all chemicals and supplies used at facility during the contract period
  • Opening and Closing costs on all outdoor facilities
  • All daily maintenance duties, tests and recordings
  • On-Demand Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance using LIV North Cloud Service
  • Liaison with the Health Department
  • Activity Programming
The LIV North Difference Includes:
  • Acid washing of Your Swimming Pool
  • Free of Charge Disposal of Off-Season Waste
  • Guaranteed On-Time Operation of Your Swimming Pool/Spa
  • Regular Pre-Season Electronic Reminders & Updates
  • Service Warranty Packages


The benefit of a well-maintained aquatic or recreation facility is both customer satisfaction and peace of mind for all stakeholders.

LIV North will keep your pool clean, efficient and safe with routine pool maintenance service. 

Our quality service is reliable, and our pool technicians are certified to know the local “rules and regs” and can take on any minor repairs that may come up.

LIV North provides a variety of custom designed aquatic facility maintenance programs to accommodate both your facility requirements and budget. We are experienced in pools and specialty pools, hot tubs and water features

All maintenance programs include the LIV Cloud advantages and are accompanied by instant digital reports and NPS scoring on every maintenance visit to constantly measure performance.

The LIV North Difference Includes:
  • CPO Certified Maintenance Technicians
  • Site Specific Designated Technicians
  • 24-Hour Service & Emergency Support
  • Automatic, Multi-Recipient Electronic Reporting
  • Electronic Report Storage at No Additional Charge
  • Monthly Compliance Inspection of Swimming Pools & Spas
  • Electronic Chemical Testing
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Periodic Quality Control Inspections
  • All Chemicals, Reagents & Logbooks Included
Plan Options:

Daily Maintenance
Multi-day programs customized to each facility with 24/7 service accommodating the usage of your pool. 

Microbial Testing
Laboratory analysis for a range of microbial parameters including E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Total coliforms, TVC/Aerobic colony count, Legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens that can contaminate pool waters. Recommended with monthly Compliance Inspection

Superintendent Plan
This is a testing only plan designed for town houses and small condo’s who do not have the manpower to test the pool chemicals to be compliant with the Ontario Health Act.

Our Superintendent Plan and associated hybrid plans meet new pool testing regulations AND make your job easier!

According to regulation, O. Reg 494, 17, pool water must now be tested every 2 hours for facilities without a controller & every 4 hours with a controller.

If your facility does not have the resources to perform additional testing, Superior can help fill in the gap!  

In addition to the regular maintenance we provide to your pool and spa, we can offer increased visits to your facility for the purpose of testing and recording the water chemistry.

LIV North offers two convenient and affordable options:

LIV North will augment your in-house maintenance personnel’s pool chemical testing task with frequent daily on-site visits. This service is available early in the mornings and late at night to ensure adequate coverage within 100km of the GTA.

*At 0% interest. All probes malfunctioning and servicing of the controller will remain the responsibility of Superior. 12-month lease term. Customer will own the unit after the term.

Choose the best option for your indoor or outdoor pool!

Controller Option: Purchase or Lease* a Chemical Controller that displays ppm and your in-house maintenance personnel will conduct the additional required testing every 4 hours.

The regulation stipulates that if there is a chemical controller displaying residual chlorine level (in ppm), the operator is only required to test the water chemistry every 4 hours (instead of 2 for the pools and 1 for spas).

Fitness Maintenance

Our fitness maintenance and service programs are designed to maximize equipment lifespan and reduce downtime. The net result of a preventative maintenance program is long term cost savings and member satisfaction.

LIV North employs trained fitness technicians and dedicated vehicles ready to respond to your fitness service requirements. LIV Cloud provides our customers with digital reports immediately after each service call along with an accompanying survey to ensure we receive your immediate feedback on how we performed. For customers outside Ontario and Alberta we are affiliated with several service companies certified on our products who can service your equipment.

Regular Maintenance programs include:
Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Quarterly.

Lifeguard and Pool Management

LIV North provide quality staffing solutions for a wide variety of facilities including indoor and outdoor pools.

Through our Amenity Division we are able to provide unmatched experience and resources to ensure your patrons are treated to an excellent experience every time they go for a swim.

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